Welcome! A bit like in my studio, but with the looks of “Moodboard”, you will find here all sorts of things a little jumbled.

Material to carry out projects and objects made from this material. Creations, some of which are found in the shop and others, made over time. I have also written words that speak to me, values that guide me from day to day. Pictures I just find pretty. Some project ideas too. Colors, places that inspire me, personal memories…


full of bags

bags for groceries, storage, transport of logs for the fireplace, such as planters, make-up bags, bread bags, etc.

indoor & outdoor

cushion covers, curtains, footrests, chair seats, decorative objects, carpets, floor cushions, recycled folding screens, frames, lampshades, tablecloths or table runners, etc.


But still more

gift wrapping, wedding or other event decoration, gardening, pet toys or cushions, etc.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

- Oscar Wilde


"Life is too short to find time long"

- Me

"Stop blaming yourself, the others will do it."